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About Us

Protection Plus — Who are we and what do we do? To start, we feel a little background on our company is appropriate. Because we will be involved with many people and departments throughout your dealership, it is important to understand our commitment to you the dealer, our customer.

Protection Plus owns and maintains its offices and installation facility. This further reinforces the point that we are here to stay. Investments in a 4500 sq. ft. office building and 6500 sq. ft. of installation area give us the advantage of providing complete and professional service to you and your customers. Our staff includes certified technicians, technical support personnel, inventory control coordinators, dispatch coordinators and business support personnel. All of our technicians are radio dispatched to provide rapid response to important issues and questions. Also, our technicians are MECP (Mobile Electronics Certification Program) certified to ensure quality workmanship and technical support.

In summary, Protection Plus will always provide you, our customer, with only the best in service and products. Our commitment allows us to maintain long term business relations as well as helping our dealers to achieve the goals they require. By cultivating new business ideas and building on current business, we can help you achieve profitable programs.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We also invite you to tour our facility and meet our great team at Protection Plus.

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