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RL360 Front and Rear Radar

Model # K40RL00149900


Dual wired radar receivers detect front and back

(2) blue LEDs are custom installed in the gauge area

Underdash mounted speaker for notifications and alerts

System totally controlled by wireless remote

City mode and highway mode

Detects all bands of police speed radar

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RL200 Front Radar

Model # K40RLF0099900


Same features as above with only front radar detection

Laser Defuser EX

Model # K40LD0039900


Anti laser technology designed to jam the police laser light

License plate mount for best operation

Works with the RL system (above)

Portable Radar Detector

Model # K40P0039900


Completely customizable to the way you drive

GPS based mark to alert points of interest

Speed monitor

Includes suction cup mounting bracket, power cord, and carry case

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